Monday, October 31, 2005

Bush Feeds His Base Scalia Clone: Alito

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As expected, Bush has bowed to his extremist base by giving them exactly what they've been asking for. The new Supreme Court nominee, Samuel A. Alito Jr is so steeped in patriarchal values that "he voted to uphold a Pennsylvania law that required a woman to notify her husband before an abortion."

When the male dominated state considers ordering you to tell your husband anything, it's time to wonder what country, or what century, you are living in.

On Fox News, they call Alito a man who supports more regulation of abortion. Of course, what this means is that Alito supports more regulation of women.

Predictably, the Victorians at Concerned Women of America are swooning. "Alito .. [has] always been at the top of our list. We think [he] .. would be a supreme pick," said Janet M. LaRue, the group's chief counsel.

In a former life, LaRue led the movement to stop women from winning the right to vote.

Alito is nicknamed "Scalito," cuz he follows the Scalia philosophy which holds that the way those dead white constitutional 'Fathers' from the 18th century saw the world is the only way to see it. In other words, the world belongs to the white men who have money.

And, yes, the privilege of regulating the women of the world is one of the little perks in the original white male constitutional package.

Scalito is the one candidate on Bush's short list that Senator Harry Reid warned him not to pick:

"That is not one of the names that I've suggested to the president," Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., told "Late Edition" on CNN. "In fact, I've done the opposite. I think it would create a lot of problems."

As always, the women of America must turn to men, or Democrats, for protection from other men, Republicans, in the 85% male Congress.

As always, it's a very scary proposition.

UPDATE: Think Progress has a statement from George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley: "[Alito is] the top choice for particularly pro-life people. Sam Alito is viewed as someone who is likely to join the hard right in likely narrowing Roe and possibly voting to overturn Roe. . There will be no one to the right of Sam Alito on this Court. This is a pretty hardcore fellow on abortion issues. . No one on the conservative base can be unhappy with Sam Alito." [Video]

In yet another sign that rightwingers are secretly living the lives of characters in bawdy white trash sex novels, Alito is pro strip search: "ALITO SUPPORTS UNAUTHORIZED STRIP SEARCHES: In Doe v. Groody, Alito agued that police officers had not violated constitutional rights when they strip searched a mother and her ten-year-old daughter while carrying out a search warrant that authorized only the search of a man and his home. [Doe v. Groody, 2004]" No wonder Alito's family looks so uptight. And who chose that background, anyway? Heh.

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