Thursday, June 09, 2005

Preppy Frist at Nascar: Passing As A Commoner Is Hard Work

Preppy Frist spent his Memorial holiday prepping for 2008 by sprinting from a speaking engagement at Harvard to mingling with the peasants at a Nascar race track. At both events, the not-so-good doctor blew it. The Harvard Crimson wrote about Frist's first embarrassing gaffe, which I documented here.

At the Nascar event Frist's attempt to pass as a regular guy failed miserably. The Belle Meade aristocrat gushed that a fellow Tennessean was in the race, veteran stock car racer, "Sterling Martin." Maybe the paler-than-a-ghost aristocratic Senator saw a Sterling Martin back when he was stalking birds to add to his butchered cat collection. But the renowned race car driver and fellow Tennessean Frist meant to reference is Sterling Marlin.

There's more here on Preppy Frist's ongoing efforts to pass as one of the common people. You can see a picture of His Arrogance waving the Nascar flag here, in case you want to play with photoshop.