Friday, June 24, 2005

Bredesen's National Press Club Speech: Healthcare Deform

Informal reports regarding Governor Bredesen's speech at the National Press Club this morning indicate that he gave a speech very similar to his Democratic national radio address a couple of weeks ago. At that time, the Governor received considerable criticism regarding statements such as this one:

"Let's scrap the old, inefficient version of Medicaid that's led us to spend more and more of our finite resources on a system that never yielded the kind of public health results we'd hoped for."

According to our sources, the vast majority of qustions from reporters at the National Press Club, focused not on Bredesen's speech, but rather on his draconian cuts to the state's expanded Medicaid program, TennCare.

Our sources indicate that one reporter "was incensed with and aggressively and challenged [Bredesen's] comparison of grocery store food choices with health care 'choices'"

More on this as soon as it becomes available.