Saturday, May 08, 2010

Obama's Health Reform Bill Silent on Birth Control

In all the hysteria over abortion, it was easy to miss the startling absence of even a mention of birth control in the alleged health reform bill. Remember when everyone thought it was so funny to watch candidate John McCain's confusion over a question about the fairness of health insurance coverage for Viagra, but not birth control? No one thought to ask candidate Obama.

Gail Collins points out that the 50th anniversary of the Pill falls on Mother's Day this year. It's been 50 years, yet birth control is just too damn controversial for a Democratic President to mention in his mammoth health reform bill. You can't make this stuff up:

Even though 100 million women take the pill every day, to the great relief of 100 million or so of their partners, the terror of mentioning birth control is so great that the humongous new health care reform act has managed to avoid bringing it up at all. Advocates are hoping that when the regulations are finally written, they will require health insurance to cover birth control pills like any other drug. But nobody is sure.