Monday, April 18, 2005

Lunatic Legislators Propose Hunting As A Constitutional Right

A proposed constitutional amendment would transform the recreational activities of hunting and fishing into constitutional rights. This lunatic legislation was passed by the lunatics on the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. Senator Doug Jackson (D-LOL) is the sponsor of this ludicrous proposal.

We're sure Sen. Jackson (D-LOL) will soon introduce a follow-up constitutional amendment that will forever enshrine beer drinking as a constitutional right. (I mean, they need to protect beer from wine drinkers, eh?)

There is another bill floating around that will permit gun toters to carry guns into restaurants and bars; maybe they want to put that into the constitution too.

No one has threatened to outlaw hunting, or beer drinking, but the looney legislators in this state are fond of pre-emptive constitutional amendments; I mean they don't have much else to do.

With more than half a million Tennesseans about to lose all or part of their access to healthcare, you'd think these idiots could find something more important to do than waste time debating the pros and cons of making the recreational activity of killing animals a constitutional right. In case anyone was wondering why this state ranks near the bottom in virtually every measure of a healthy society, well, here's your answer.