Sunday, April 01, 2012

Where Are the Women? NY Times 'Ethicist' Picks 5 Dudes to Judge Ethics of Eating Meat

What's really depressing? The so-called ethicist responsible for excluding women and people of color is a woman:

The lack of diversity of the panel has been pointed out to Kaminer. She has claimed that there aren’t any qualified women who have the name recognition of the men on the panel. It has been suggested to her that this is untrue, and people have identified a number of highly qualified, high-profile women who would make excellent additions to the panel, for example: chef and food activist Alice Waters, nutritionist Marion Nestle, novelist Barbara Kingsolver (who wrote a book on the ethics of eating), Frances Moore Lappe (author of the mega-best seller Diet for a Small Planet), scientist and activist Vandava Shiva, investigative journalist Tracie McMillan (author of the fascinating-sounding new book The American Way of Eating), and many others. But Kaminer has dug in her heels and refused to make any changes to the panel.

I can’t tell you how depressing and demoralizing it is to still, nearly 50 years after the dawn of the second wave feminist movement, be fighting for basic issues of diversity, representation and inclusiveness. And to have to be making the case for the value of women’s full humanity and participation in society to a so-called ethicist, yet!

Kathleen Geier: "Ethicist" sees no ethical issue with excluding women

New York Times - Ariel Kaminer: Calling All Carnivores: Tell Us Why It’s Ethical to Eat Meat: A Contest

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