Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Social Network: Another Male-Centric Movie Where Women are "Prizes"

The Social Network is reportedly a good movie as long as you can stomach seeing women portrayed as less than fully human things there to service men in bathrooms, or as the film's screenwriter Aaron Sorkin describes them, "the women are prizes."

It's not like we aren't used to films that depict women as sub-human prizes for the fully human half of the species, still this is pretty damn low for the creator of West Wing. Stephen Colbert can't be the only one to marvel at this portrayal of Harvard women.

Melissa Silverstein describes the "prizes":

The film depicts a world where women are crazy groupies, there for amusement, to give you blow jobs in bathrooms at parties, and to snort coke off of, but not to be taken seriously.

And from Rebecca Davis O'Brien:

[The women] "are less prizes than they are props, buxom extras literally bussed in to fill the roles of doting groupies, vengeful sluts, or dumpy, feminist killjoys. They are foils for the male characters, who in turn are cruel or indifferent to them."

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