Friday, September 18, 2009

Sex Discrimination: When Being a Woman Is a Pre-existing Condition

The links below testify to the fact that health insurance companies across the nation practice rampant sex discrimination, along with their many other crimes. Rampant sex discrimination is more than enough reason for the insurance companies to be put out of business via the passage of HR676. If there was justice . . . if we had any real leaders. . .

When Getting Beaten By Your Husband Is A Pre-Existing Condition

Wife-Beating As a Pre-Existing Condition

Health Insurers Consider A Caesarean-Section Pregnancy A Pre-Existing Condition

Few individual health policies cover maternity

Rationed health care already here: The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 requires employers with more than 15 workers to include maternity benefits in their insurance packages. But only 14 states require maternity coverage in policies sold on the individual market, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

National Women's Law Center: How the Individual Insurance Market Fails Women [pdf]

Late Night: Sorry, Lady, But Your Gender Is a Pre-Existing Condition

State-by-State Fact Sheets: Why Women Need Health Care Reform

Gender Equity in Health Insurance? Nope. . . Around the country, where states allow gender discrimination in individual health insurance markets: Women (age 25) are charged anywhere from 6% - 45% more than men for similar plans. Women (age 40) are charged anywhere from 4% - 48% more than men for similar plans. Women (age 55) are charged anywhere between 22% less and 37% more than men for similar health plans.

Republican Senators Vetoed Insurance Protection for Domestic Violence Victims

The 10 Senators who vetoed insurance protection for domestic violence survivors