Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Jon Stewart vs. Cramer & CNBC War (Video)

By my count, we've moved into Round 3 -- last night Jon Stewart fired back at Jim Cramer. Cramer is working hard at touring the NBC/MSNBC shows trying to defend himself and CNBC from Stewart's well aimed critiques. (Stewart fires back to 'out of context' charge. Hilarious. ) So last night, Stewart also took aim at defensive Joe Scarborough whose Morning Joe Show seems more and more like it actually should be on CNBC. Basically Stewart attacked the entire NBC family. It was a joy to watch.

Noting the awkwardness of Cramer's appearance on "The Today Show," where he watched Stewart's attack on his credibility, Stewart deadpanned that "it put a human face on my mocking, and gave me a sense of the damage I had done to a real person... It'd be like him having to watch me as his Bear Stearns advice wiped out my parents' 401(k)."

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