Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ralph Nader Calls Out Bill Maher for the Sexism (Video)

And to think, I've waited for years for a woman to call out Bill Maher for his weekly Real Time sexist tirades. Instead, Bill's female guests just sit there and laugh like cowards. Finally, I gave up and canceled my HBO subscription.

So now Ralph Nader has actually done the deed! And Maher's sexist diatribe aimed at Sarah Palin, this time, is a very far cry from his many worst offenses. Some of his most vile stuff targeted Hillary Rodham Clinton. But Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, what's the difference? To cretins like Maher, we're all the same.

Thank you, Ralph Nader!!!

Maher laughs it off, but at long last one of his Real Time guests has shown a little courage. Hopefully Ralph Nader, Goddess love him, has started something. It starts at 6:20.

via Feminist Review