Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sexist Ads on 'Progressive' Blogs, Because Sarah Palin & Hillary Clinton Are the Same

The Democratic primaries are over, yet the stomach-turning stench of misogyny on 'progressive' blogs lives on. Anyone who doesn't get why rank in-your-face sexism is so much more fucking offensive when it comes from 'progressive' bloggers posers needs to go back to the fucking cave.

The progressive posers at The American Prospect are running the ad - Sarah Palin is "Yet Another BUSH We Can't Trust" - on all three of their 'progressive' blogs: Ezra Klein, Beat the Press, and TAPPED.

What exactly is the mission of The American Prospect? To promote the progressive agenda? Or to promote misogyny? Is there a fucking difference anymore?

Anyone who was paying attention during that mind-rape they called the Democratic primary, knows that 'progressives' employed the weapon of misogyny to help Barack Obama snare the nomination. Did anyone really believe they would stop the misogyny once the primaries ended? The only excuse they need is a woman in the race. Republican? Democratic? What the hell, we women are all the same.

There are ways to keep women in our traditional place, and some men have been using said ways for a very long time. If Cynthia McKinney was an actual threat to Barack Obama's ascent to the presidency, the progressive posers would fire their misogynistic guns at her too. Because they will do or say anything to win.

Wade into the comments of any of the big boyz blogs in threads pertaining to Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin or pretty well any woman and you will find enough woman-hating venom to turn your stomach. If the comments were as racist as they are sexist, the 'progressive' bloggers would be so aghast they'd shut them down. Because progressive posers draw the line somewhere.

They know racism is bad, and they know it because sometimes black men have rioted in the streets. And violence gets their respect. The longest revolution is so fucking long because women don't resort to violence to get our rights. Some* progressive or Democratic women will, however, resort to the earth-scorching violent protest act of voting for John McCain.

And the clueless progressive posers will call the women racist.

via Melissa at Shakesville

The 'I'd Drill That' (Sarah Palin) BlogAd graphic is via Feministing. In the comments, Ann explains that she prefers not to identify the 'progressive' blog(s) running the ad. Has anyone seen it? Because I think the bloggers' names should be shouted from the rooftops.

If you're not pissed off yet, see Sarah Palin Sexism Watch and Jezebel's 16 Sexist Sarah Palin Shirts That'll Probably Piss You Off.

*Some, not all, PUMAS will vote for John McCain. What they have in common is that they will not vote for Obama.