Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hillary & Obama Links

Hillary and Jackie

Paul Begala, Huffington Post, 6/3/08
"'She has not only endured the jeers and the sneers and the smears, she has triumphed over them. She never answered their hate with rage. She just went on winning."

Late Night: Piece of My Heart
Jeralyn Merritt, TalkLeft, 6/4/08
"Since March, she has won the majority of primaries, including one today that no one thought she had a chance of winning. She has spent every day of the past six months … introducing herself to the American people and coming up with concrete solutions for their problems … She poured her heart and her soul into her campaign.

Trouble signs as Obama Closes In: Doubts on Extent of His Appeal
Scott Helman, Boston Globe, 6/3/08
"[A]nalysts say Obama's less-than-overwhelming recent showing signals trouble … as he begins a general election campaign."

Exit Polls Show Challenge for Obama
David Paul Kuhn, Politico, 6/4/08
"Demographic divisions dug by class, race, gender and political philosophy haunted Obama until his last contests, effectively forcing the Illinois senator to limp across the finish line Tuesday night. … Obama never was able to make sustainable inroads with working-class, female, and older whites."

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