Sunday, June 01, 2008

DNC Protester: 'McCain Will Be the Next President' (Video)

Another angry white woman, sweet jesus, we are everywhere. .

video via firedoglake

No Quarter: Unity my ass. On to Denver!

Buck Naked Politics: "Unity" Shuck and Jive: Obama Campaign Opposed Counting 100% of Florida's Votes -- But Tried to Avoid Saying So

Big Tent Democrat: [T]he biggest mistakes today were made by Barack Obama .. Hell, he should have argued for full seating of both delegations based on the primary results, taking the Michigan uncommitted delegates. And it would have unified the Party. . . for four measly delegates, he just made his already difficult task of unifying the Democratic Party that much more difficult.

Unheard American Voices: 5/31/08 The Day Democracy Died by Renee Lee

Democratic Daily: Will the decision bring “Unity” to the party? Good luck with that.

New York Times: Tina Flournoy, a Clinton adviser and member of the rules committee, said Mr. Obama’s proposal essentially called for overriding the will of the voters. “What is being proposed here is that you go into a voting booth and at some point later down the road, someone decides that your vote is for someone else,” she said. “If we’re going to do that, let’s cancel 2012, and let’s divide all the delegates in all the states.” [via ]