Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hillary's Got Ovaries! Some Call it 'Testicular Fortitude' (Video)

Here's the video clip of the union boss introducing Hillary as a woman who has testicular fortitude. As always, Hillary handles it with class. They've been saying things like that about Hillary all her life. One of the many fringe benefits of having a woman in the oval office will surely be a little long overdue feminist correction to the vanity exercise known as the massively male-centered English language. Goddess. To live in a country where everything is not always and forever all about the boys!

Joe Scarborough and the Morning Joe crew also discuss Hillary's appearance on the O'Reilly Factor. Or as Scarborough terms it -- Unlike Obama, Hillary has no problem going into the lion's den. She's got ovaries!

Hillary's Got Ovaries! / Testicular Fortitude

CBS News:Union Boss Says Clinton Has “Testicular Fortitude
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Union leader says Hillary Clinton has real, uh, 'testicular fortitude'
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