Friday, February 29, 2008

African-American Super-delegates Stick With Hillary Despite Threats from Obama Fans

So it's not just on the internet and in the caucuses where you will find Hillary supporters being harassed, intimidated and threatened. African-American super-delegates are also targeted by the subscribers to the new Politics of Hope and Unity wing of goddess only knows what party. This is exactly the kind of behavior that is feeding the alienation of many Democrats, especially women.

The more things change. . . .

Politico: African-American superdelegates said Thursday that they’ll stand up against threats, intimidation and “Uncle Tom” smears rather than switch their support from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to Sen. Barack Obama.

“African-American superdelegates are being targeted, harassed and threatened,” said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.), a superdelegate who has supported Clinton since August. Cleaver said black superdelegates are receiving “nasty letters, phone calls, threats they’ll get an opponent, being called an Uncle Tom.

“This is the politics of the 1950s,” he complained. “A lot of members are experiencing a lot of ugly stuff. They’re not going to talk about it, but it’s happening.” Rep. Diane E. Watson (D-Calif.), a black lawmaker and Clinton backer, said the intense lobbying for Obama would not alter her vote.

“I’ve gotten threatening mail,” Watson said. “They say, ‘Your district went 61-29 Obama and you need to change.’ But I don’t intimidate. I can hold the ground. … I would lose my seat over my principles.” . . . Black superdelegates are getting heavy pressure from such groups as, a grass-roots organization backing Obama.

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