Friday, June 16, 2006

Mary Cheney Syndrome Strikes GOP Candidate for Frist's Senate Seat

Daughter of GOP Candidate for Frist's Seat Makes Out with Chicks [gasp] - Bob Corker's Daughter Strikes Blow for Gender Justice - Photo Here - [double gasp] - Homophobes, Don't Look!!!
It's called karma, folks. First the narrow minded bigots persecute gays and lesbians, then one morning they wake up to discover that all their children are queer.

And on the next day, all their wives leave them for 'another woman'. Nothing personal, they just didn't like living with narrow minded bigots.

Of course this photo doesn't mean Bob Corker's daughter is a lesbian, but since conservatives have yet to catch up with the gender revolution of the 1920's, how the hell would they know that? Do me a favor, and don't tell them.

Tell them:

One kiss is all it takes - it's the gateway to gayness!

Poor Bob Corker (R) might not even be a bigot. He might just play one on the campaign trail. Too bad, cause playing one for the vote is even worse than being one. And if Corker were really the good guy he's rumored to be - the sanest one of the conservative trio that is fighting for the chance to run against Harold Ford Jr. (D) - well, he wouldn't be a Republican.

Bob Corker, we hope this photo makes you lose votes from all the narrow minded bigots the Republican Party gets its sustenance from. And we're betting that Julia Corker is not exactly proud of the fact that you belong to the Party of Bigotry.

And for those of you who need to hear it, there's nothing wrong with Julia Corker, but there's plenty wrong with her dad and the entire Republican Party of bigots.

I guess this means Julia Corker won't be voting for Amendment 1.

Van Hilleary (R) and Ed Bryant (R) , do you know where, or who, your sons and daughters are?

For a glimpse of the dark side, check out these local conservative bloggers' posts . . . wait for it . . . Shame . . . and . . . Peddlers of Political Filth. Sheesh! Cotton Mather could have done better, but not by much.

These people view the world through one dark and perverted lens. Maybe they weren't breastfed?

Via Wonkette, where you know there's more.

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