Friday, January 06, 2006

Join ScAlito Protest Outside Frist's Office

If you're in the Nashville area, you'll want to join the local Pro Choice Community for a protest against Supreme wannabe, ScAlito. The action will occur on the same day the senate confirmation hearings begin, and it will be held outside the long distance diagnoser Bill Frist's office.

That's Monday, January 9, 3:30-5:30.

Frist's Nashville office is at 28 White Bridge Road, in the doctor's building on the left side of Target. If you want to stop by and pay your respects (heh), Billy Frist's office is in suite 211. But be careful, the public servant has an office in a private building, which means you can be arrested for trespassing if they get to you before you make it to his office on the second floor. It's happened.

Bring signs.

Members of Nashville NOW, Planned Parenthood, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and Tennessee Guerilla Women will be there. If you know of more groups that will be represented, email me.

Organizations that have taken a stand against ScAlito include: NAACP, Sierra Club, People for the American Way, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, Unitarian Universalist Association, Human Rights Campaign, Planned Parenthood, National Council of Jewish Women, National Organization for Women, Feminist Majority Foundation, AFL-CIO and

For a list of statements from some of these groups, see Blue Notes from Soluna .

Read about the national feminist campaign to block Alito at NOW.

And for the latest on ScAlito be sure to check out Bush v. Choice.