Monday, January 16, 2006

Hattiesburg Airs Book of Daniel, Nashville Doesn't

Despite the efforts of the radical rightwing American Family Association, the folks in Hattiesburg, Mississippi will be watching the new NBC series, The Book of Daniel. Unlike the Nashville NBC affiliate, the Hattiesburg station has rejected calls for censorship from extremist religious groups.

According to the WDAM-TV station manager, there are grown-ups in Hattiesburg, and they are intelligent enough to make their own decisions about what TV shows they will or will not watch.

"Basically our corporation does not feel that censorship is a road that we need to travel," said the station's general manager Jim Cameron.

"Our viewers are both intelligent and certainly capable of making their own decision about whether or not they want to watch it."

Too bad about Nashville, where the local NBC affiliate station manager has decided that this is a city of children, and he is our daddy.

Nashville is one of seven - of the 232 NBC affiliates in the nation - to pull the show. Most of the seven are here in the South where our churches are far better funded than our schools. Which is why we need people like WSMV-TV station manager, Elden Hale to be our daddy.

Tell daddy Elden Hale, Jr. what you think:

WSMV-TV station manager, Elden Hale, Jr.

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