Friday, May 27, 2005

Police State Strikes In Tennessee: First They Punish You, Then You Go To Court

Tennessee's drug tax, or Tax on Unauthorized Substances is no tax at all, rather it is punishment before you go to trial. If you are found guilty, you get yet more punishment. If you are found innocent, well, too bad, cause the Bill of Rights is null and void in Tennessee.

A family member just had all his money and cars seized for the marijuana tax; they put a lien on his house. He was busted over the weekend here in Nashville for a few baby-sized plants and a small amount of commercial weed. For this, they say he owes almost as much as his house is worth.

I thought people were innocent until proven guilty in this country. This man is almost 60 years old; he is recovering from cancer. This mild-mannered, kind-hearted elderly man smokes marijuana to alleviate pain and depression. They have charged him with dealing and are taking everything he owns before he even goes to court!

Without a car, how does he go to work? Without money, how does he obtain a lawyer? Since he’s not in the best of health, all of this may be enough to kill him. They call it a tax, but it is obviously punishment. He was told that regardless of whether he is found innocent or guilty, he will not get anything back.

This is obviously unconstitutional, but do we even have a constitution any more?

I’ve been doing some frantic researching, and intended to write a more complete story, but right now I don’t feel so good. I’ll post again later. (Apparently the same law or laws very similar have been ruled unconstitutional in some other states.) If anyone has any knowledge or ideas on this, please share them. Right now, I just need to figure out how he can get some competent help. Or, how I can take all my family and friends to Canada.

Documenting the state of Tennessee's utter disregard for the constitutional rights of citizens, or the constitutional rights we used to have:

Tennessee’s new drug tax law - Tax on Unauthorized Substances law –became effective in January 2005. Public Chapter 803 SB 2419 - HB 2796

Description of law from TN Dept of Revenue

Say Uncle has a very interesting discussion of Tennessee’s unconstitutional drug tax law. He also has a copy of the TN form you are supposed to fill out, like if you are a drug dealer and want to notify the government that you are a drug dealer by paying "taxes" on your illegal substance.