Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stacey Campfield Calls 8 Year Old Girl 'A Prop' to Her Face & Pulls Hated Welfare Bill After Protest (Videos)

Watch Tennessee's national joke Stacy Campfield tell an 8 year old child to her face that she is just "a prop." The videos below do a great job of capturing the hateful arrogance of Campfield.

Nobody, not even his fellow Republicans can stand Stacey Campfield's hateful 'Starve the Children' welfare bill. Confronted by some 100 protesting parents and children, as well as opposition from Republicans, the mean and arrogant Campfield postponed his bill. We're sure Campfield hopes to find a way to make the bill even more harmful so he can continue to read about his ugly arrogant self all over the international media. How did Tennessee sink so low?

Children confront Senator Scrooge Campfield:

Greeting them along the way were "Stacey Campfield's Walk of Shame" signs, then a group of about 40 children and adults singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" outside the Senate chamber. "It makes me mad because he's taking children's benefits," Aamira said. "People won't have their light bills paid." The groups Clergy for Justice, Stand for Children and Gideon's Army organized the event. 

WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

Above video via: News 2 ABCSen. Stacey Campfield's welfare bill put off after protest

 Recall TN State Senator Stacey Campfield!!

Above video via:

Tennessean: Sen. Campfield confronted by children against welfare bill, later withdraws bill

Update: Video of the children singing Jesus Loves the Little Children.  Thanks Kathy!
Too bad Stacy Campfield hates the little children.

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