Friday, April 05, 2013

Photo of Mean TN Lawmakers Who Voted to Attack Poor Children

Here are the Tennessee State House members who voted to make poor children responsible for their family's income by tying TANF checks to children's grades.

Punishing children by withholding necessities like food or transportation money to the grocery store or doctor? Really? These individuals are simply too mean to be in positions of power. If their monster bill passes, the first child death in a family on TANF is on their arrogant over-fed lily-white heads.

Top L to R: Reps. Vance Dennis, Bary Doss, Timothy Hill, Mary Littleton, Barret Rich; Bottom L-R: Reps. Cameron Sexton, Tony Shipley, Micah Van Huss, Ryan Williams, Tim Wirgau

Photo via Tennessee Democratic Party: Severely Conservative Republicans Vote to ‘Starve the Children’

 "Tennessee lawmakers have proposed a new piece of legislation that will penalize low-income families by reducing their welfare benefits if their children perform poorly in school. As opposed to what happens to children of wealthy families who perform poorly in school - they become Tennessee lawmakers," joked Jay Leno on Monday's Tonight Show.

Tennessee Advances Legislation That Would Tie Welfare To Children’s Grades