Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Elizabeth Colbert Busch Leading Mark Sanford by 9 Points!

The Appalachian Trail guy should take another hike.  So long loser Mark Sanford.

Hello Congresswoman Colbert Busch.

Public Policy Polling has the numbers: 

PPP's newest poll on the special election in South Carolina finds Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch expanding her lead to 9 points over Mark Sanford at 50/41 . . .
 Although Sanford's unpopularity is clearly the main reason Democrats have a chance to win in this district, it's interesting to note that there is some backlash against Republicans over last week's vote on background checks. 86% of voters in the district say they support them to only 12% opposed, and 45% of voters say the GOP's opposition to them makes it less likely they'll support the party in the next election compared to only 21% who consider it a positive. . .

 As much trouble as Sanford has created for himself it's worth noting that Colbert Busch has a 56% favorability rating, with just 31% of voters giving her poor marks.