Friday, March 22, 2013

Tell Your Legislator to Stop Discriminating in Tennessee

 Sign the Petition addressed to Tennessee lawmakers: 

The Human Rights Campaign has a petition asking Tennessee lawmakers to stop discriminating.  The yahoos don't know how to craft a bill that doesn't discriminate.  The bills in question are:
SB 234/HB 1332 (the "Don't Say Gay" bill) and SB 1241/ HB 1150, which would prohibit any college or university from operating a police force if they have a non-discrimination policy that covers student activities.

Sign the Petition: 

Two bills before the Tennessee General Assembly could cause immense harm to the state's LGBT community. One would force school officials to out students who come to them because they're gay or think they might be gay. The other would prohibit the operation of a police force at any college or university with a non-discrimination policy protecting LGBT workers and students, also known as an "all-comers" policy. Republican Governor Bill Haslam has said these bills are unnecessary and now you can tell your legislator the same.