Saturday, March 23, 2013

State Lawmaker Shares Photo of His Penis

Another lawmaker stuck on his penis. Is this a new fad amongst legislators? Is this coming to Tennessee soon?  

This yahoo is from Massachusetts:

 State Representative John Fresolo, a Worcester Democrat, is the subject of a House investigation that includes allegations that he took lascivious photos of his privates and sent them to a State House computer, several State House sources said.

Fresolo is also suspected of inflating his travel reimbursements. He submitted per diem slips for 220 days of travel from Worcester to the State House, but no one on Beacon Hill remembers seeing Fresolo that frequently.

Fresolo is now on paid administrative leave but could be forced to resign.“It’s bad enough that he pulled an Anthony Weiner and had pictures of his penis on State House computers, but then he tried to get his per diem pumped up.