Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Politico Calls TN Governor Haslam "A GOP Star"

The Tennessee Governor gets four pages of leg-tingling praise in Politico. Naturally Phil Bredesen piles on the love. And why not? Bredesen and Haslam have so much in common.   

Different parties, but the same old heartless cuts to vital life-saving services. 

There are no leg-tingling thrills to be found among the dead children victimized by Haslam's miserable Department of Children's Services.

 Four pages of praise, two paragraphs of criticism:

 Democratic critics contend that Haslam’s confrontation-averse style has allowed a right-wing state Legislature — and state Senate in particular — to run amok in the aftermath of the 2010 tea party wave. However weak the governor’s veto may be, Tennessee House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh said he wished Haslam would do more to fight other Republicans’ “extreme positions.”

“For a governor with such high popularity and such a large majority in the Legislature, he doesn’t pull the trigger too much on his opinions,” said Fitzhugh, a possible Haslam challenger in 2014. “He’s got a much calmer and kinder attitude [than other GOP governors], and I think he genuinely has opinions that are much like mine on many issues. But you know, he’s governor and right now, the governor’s not leading the state. The state Senate’s leading the state.”