Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chris Hayes Invited to CPAC (Video)

Amazingly the psycho Conservative Political Action Conference has invited Chris Hayes to join them on stage this year. Chris explains that he'd love to go, but only if the ultra hard-core conservatives mend their bigoted ways and lift the ban on gays:
Yes, the legendary Conservative Political Action Conference had i nvited yours truly to participate at its 40th annual conference this March..  I would be among 10,000 hard core conservative activists gracing the same stage as everyone from Marco Rubio to Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney, who have used the occasion to flaunt their conservative bona fides...

 So I wrote back to Al Cardenas who runs the ACU in a letter yesterday and asked whether the policy is still in effect. If it isn’t, I told him, I’m psyched to go and if it is, well, I’ll wait until it changes, which is, really, just a matter of time.

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