Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Michigan Schools Close As Teachers Head to Capitol to Protest Anti-Union Law

Teachers are heading to the Capitol for a massive protest against the likely to pass anti-union law.  

Some 10,000 labor union workers are expected to march in freezing cold weather to protest the right-wing 'right to work for poverty wages' law.

Schools are closing.

Police are closing roads for the anticipated right-to-work protests.

Michigan prepares for mass protests against right-to-work legislation:

“Nurses are outraged at Gov Snyder’s war on workers, knowing that the wounds he is inflicting on our state will hurt for decades to come. Our union is our voice in the workplace, and nurses use that voice every single day to keep patients safe against corporations that only care about their profits. Gov Snyder and CEOs are using ‘Right to Work’ to shut workers up, pure and simple.” 
 -- Katie Oppenheim, RN, Ann Arbor