Monday, November 12, 2012

Sean Hannity ‘Evolves’ On Immigration Cuz Hispanic Vote Was 70% Democratic. LOL.

Fox News Neanderthal Sean Hannity claims he has evolved on the issue of immigration reform. You know something's up when suddenly right-wingers, who've never believed in the concept of evolution, suddenly say they've evolved.

Does his mean Sean is going to stop trashing Hispanics by calling them "illegal aliens"?

The election has brought home to the likes of Hannity and his lunatic buddies the happy fact that their frightful party needs to evolve or die. Personally, I don't believe Sean Hannity can or will evolve.

The Republican Party can and should just go ahead and please die.

During his radio show on Thursday, Fox News host Sean Hannity said his position on immigration reform has “evolved,” noting that he supports a “pathway to citizenship.” The position is a notable change for Hannity, who has previously spoken out against the DREAM Act, characterizing it as “amnesty.” 
The Atlantic: Amazingly, Sean Hannity Can Evolve