Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Richard "Reproducing Rapists Is GOD's WILL" Mourdock Loses. Red Indiana Has a Democratic Senator!

And the liberal hits keep on coming. The backassward Republican Party loses another senator!  And Richard "Legitimate Rape" Mourdock can crawl back into his freaking cave where hopefully there are no women!

Just imagine, blood RED Indiana now has a Democratic Senator! Goddess I am seriously jealous. 
Democratic Rep. Joe Donnelly pulled off a stunning upset over Republican Richard Mourdock in the Indiana Senate race — a battle that the GOP thought was a sure win until the final days of the campaign...Donnelly’s victory is a painful setback for Republicans who have been in hot pursuit of a Senate majority and saw Indiana as a slam dunk earlier this year. Yet Mourdock’s ill-timed comments on pregnancy and rape late last month seemed to sway a lot of votes toward Donnelly.