Friday, November 30, 2012

George Zimmerman Is Selling Autographs To Fund Defense In Trayvon Martin Case

Bad news for famed kid slayer George Zimmerman. He is almost broke. 

The $140,000 raised for Zimmerman's defense is almost gone and the kid killer is still trying to mount a defense. 

Trayvon's killer wants you to give him money for his autograph. 

 Gross news from the Miami New Times: 

Ever wanted to own the autograph of a man who gunned down an unarmed teenager guilty of nothing more than being black in his own neighborhood? If you agree with that sentiment, probably not. But the legion who think George Zimmerman is a Second Amendment hero who bravely killed a violent intruder to his central Florida suburb are in luck today!

Zimmerman is now mailing autographed cards to anyone who donates cash to help him fight murder charges over Miami teenager Trayvon Martin's shooting death.