Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gail Collins: Hillary’s Next Move

This was in Sunday's New York Times, somehow I missed it. I didn't know Hillary wore the same pant suit day after day, just like the men, when she was running for the Senate. She is without doubt the most beloved pol in America, man or woman. 

And such a trailblazer for women: 

“Maybe I’ll get a decorating show,” said Hillary Clinton. 

 It was a few weeks before the election. Clinton was flying back from an overnight trip to Peru, talking — without any great enthusiasm — about the topic that would begin to obsess the American political world as soon as the presidential ballots had been counted: Will Hillary run in 2016? It’s more than two months until this inauguration. But the speculation is already roaring. On Friday, Politico reported that Public Policy Polling had a new survey showing that if the Iowa caucuses were held today — there’s a terrifying thought — Clinton would get 58 percent of the vote. Joe Biden limped in with 17 percent. 

 Every day, people approach Hillary Clinton and tell her she has an obligation to run and give America its first woman president. “Yes, they do!” she laughs, with the trademark H.C. chortle. Being asked to run for president is a kind of side career all by itself.... 

If Hillary Clinton ran for president again, she would probably be the best-prepared candidate in American history: one who’s lived in the White House, served in the United States Senate, a woman who knows virtually every head of state in the world and also has a strong opinion about the merits of the Peruvian minister of development and social inclusion. 

Nor did I know that Hillary's fav TV show is Love It or List It, a Canadian home-improvement reality series that's broadcast in the U.S on HGTV!

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