Thursday, November 08, 2012

Fox Reporter Directs Fleeing Romney Supporters to Canada. LOL. (Video)

Click on the video below for directions to Canada!  Romney supporters should hurry up and get on up to Canada where I'm sure they will be thrilled to discover gay marriage is legal, universal health care is a right accorded even to immigrants, oh and you can chill out from your severe post election trauma by smoking some legal pot. You right-wingers are really going to love it in Canada!

"I know a lot people said that if their candidate lost the election, they’d be moving to Canada," reporter Jeff Brucculeri said. "Not sure why, but that's what some of the folks promised out there. So let me give you the quickest and directest route from Tulsa to Canada." "Literally I-29 will go to the Canadian border," he said. "Now when you get to Canada...make sure you've got either your card or your passport to get into Canada now. Then you're going to get back on what is known as highway 75 in Canada. It's actually the Lord Selkirk Highway. If you're moving to Canada, you're going to need to know this! Lord Selkirk Highway, okay?"