Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Democrats Gain Women in Congress; Republicans Lose Women (Scared Them Off!)

Going back to the good old days when the boyz ran the show all by themselves, that certainly does appear to be the GOP agenda. Consequently, we have yet another gender gap in our heavily male dominated Congress: 

 The gender gap that emerged among voters during the presidential election is manifesting itself in a new way: inside Congress. The incoming Senate will have four times as many female Democrats compared with their Republican counterparts -- 16 to 4 -- and the imbalance among female House members is almost three times as big, 58 to 20. 
 The public portrait of the two parties diverged further yesterday when Senate Republicans elected a man to fill the only vacancy in their all-male leadership. The only woman in the House Republicans’ top leadership, conference chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington, defeated a challenge by Representative Tom Price of Georgia, who was backed by Representative Paul Ryan, the vice-presidential nominee from Wisconsin. 

On the Democratic side, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California, announced yesterday that she would stay on for another two-year term. Pelosi served as the first and only woman speaker from 2007-2011. Senate Democrats re-elected their only female member of leadership -- Patty Murray of Washington -- as the fourth-ranking party official. 

Republicans have become extraordinarily out of touch with women, particularly women who are employed outside the home,” said Jean Schroedel, a professor in Department of Politics and Policy at Claremont Graduate University.