Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Chris Matthews: Dem Ashley Judd to Run for KY Senate OR TN Governor 2014?

Kentucky Democrats would like run Ashley Judd for the U.S. Senate and send old white and mean Mitch McConnell packing. And with young charismatic Ashely Judd they just might do it!

Apparently, the Kentucky Democratic Party has heard that women can actually run for office!

So they are seriously hoping to steal Democratic activist and movie star Ashley Judd from Tennessee. (Judd lives in Tennessee but is from Kentucky.) That might not be too hard since the Tennessee Democratic Party has a history of dissing and/or ignoring women candidates.

However, there are ongoing efforts by Democrats  to persuade Judd to run for Governor of Tennessee in 2014, according to Chuck Todd on MSNBC's Chris Matthews show today (11-7-2012).


UPDATE: USA Today: U.S. Senator Ashley Judd?