Thursday, November 01, 2012

Women Will Make GOP Pay Come Election Day

Women are dissing Richard "Having Rapist's Babies Is God's Will" Mourdock (Republican-IN) (Endorsed by Romney!) at GOP meetings in Indiana.

Polls shows rapist-friendly Mourdock tanking. 

Outside of the Orwellian right-wing bubble, all signs point to an election day that will be PAYBACK time FROM WOMEN TO THE PARTY OF CRETINS, aka the GOP. 

Stanley Crouch, at the NY Daily News, says it nicely: 
The advancement of women — from Hillary Clinton in Washington to Marissa Mayer in Silicon Valley — is ample proof of what can be done when this nation decides to put bigotry right where it belongs.
Of course, we can never forget the existence of prejudice. It is a living thing, a clever disease, and it will remake itself to survive and fight the dishonorable battle on another day.

That’s why, next Tuesday, radical Republicans will be surprised if they think American women will let them get away with what they have said and what they believe: about rape, contraception, equal pay. They can deny all they want, but it is all on the public record, the crazy statements of Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock and all the rest...Come next Tuesday’s election, we will see that radiance rise again. American women are too slick to be hustled by an obvious game — just watch.