Monday, October 15, 2012

Romney Chickens-Out of 'The View' - Cancels Appearance With "Sharp-Tongued" Women

Romney is backing out of his scheduled appearance on ABC's The View.

After the things Mittens has said about The View's women, you have to wonder if the right-winger ever really intended to show up. But Mitt is sending his wife, Ann Romney to appear on the show.

Obviously, Mitt was afraid the women just might want to talk about the good-for-nothing, lazy 47% of Americans.

Previously Romney was caught on videotape dissing the women who host The View. Mittens called the show "high risk" because there is only one conservative on the show. (One too many.)

On the "47%" video tape released by Mother Jones, Romney also said David Letterman hates him!

And when speaking of the women on The View,  Mittens whined:

"Four are sharp-tongued and not conservative, Whoopi Goldberg in particular. Although the last time I was on the show, she said to me, 'You know what? I think I could vote for you.' I said I must have done something really wrong."

Before you think less of Whoopi, consider Mitten's very long and tortured history of making stuff up. Listen to sharp-tongued Mitt diss the women by jumping to 9:00: