Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pathetic Tennessean Endorses Romney

Nashville 's only remaining mainstream daily newspaper, The Tennessean, aka The Southern Baptist Times, has sunk to a new low with its endorsement of pathological liar Mittens Romney for president.

Moving on back to the 1950s editorializes The Tennessean.  

Get this. The same right-wingers who call President Obama a socialist are bragging about Mittens' endorsement by a liberal paper. Yeah, cause the South is just chock full of liberal newspapers! One can only hope that one day right-wingers get to experience their own personal hell of living in an actual honest-to-god liberal state. I say deport 'em all to France.  

The Scene: W.W.J.D.: Tennessean Endorses Romney, Freezes Over Hell