Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama Wins Debate. Rude Romney Loses. Round-Up.

Wow. Thriller of a debate. A few times I thought the guys were going to hit each other. Many times I felt like slapping Romney, pacifist though I try to be.

And a clear win for the good guy!

Romney was mean, testy and just plain rude. Which is why Mittens got a new nickname during tonight's debate: Rude Romney. 

NY Times: Rivals Bring Bare Fists to Rematch: President Obama and Mitt Romney engaged Tuesday in one of the most intensive clashes in a televised presidential debate, with tensions between them spilling out in interruptions, personal rebukes and accusations of lying as they parried over the last four years under Mr. Obama and what the next four would look like under a President Romney....their engagements at times bordered on physical as they circled each other or bounded out of their seats while the other was speaking,

Greg Sargent: Obama turns it around

Taegan Goddard, Mean Romney: In particular, Romney doesn't do testy well. He made a big mistake trying to roll over the moderator. He got away with it in the first debate but he looked mean tonight. His obsession with the rules also came off as petty. 

USA Today: Game over. Obama wins.

Zogby at Forbes: President Obama Prevails In Testy Second Debate: Let me begin by stating what has become obvious: these two guys do not like each other at all.

ABC NEWS: Obama Wins Second Presidential Debate on 'Populist Intent

CBS Poll: Obama Wins Debate  

Obama Wins on Points, But Squabbles Cast a Pall Over the Debate

 Google: Obama Won the Debate!