Saturday, October 06, 2012

Krugman: Democratic Derangement Syndrome

Via his inestimable liberal blog - Conscience of a Liberal - Krugman notes the latest exhibition of stark raving lunacy among so-called establishment Republicans:  

Today’s full-scale freakout over a decent jobs report is a sight to behold...What you need to realize is this isn’t unique to Obama. As Atrios often points out, anyone who really remembers the Clinton era also remembers that this went on all the time: Bill’s a drug smuggler, Hillary murdered Vince Foster, etc.. And then as now, it wasn’t just fringe figures doing this sort of thing; it was the WSJ editorial page, Rush Limbaugh, Congressmen in good standing within the GOP. I guess there’s a bit of continuity here with the inflation truthers, a group that similarly includes people who unaccountably continue to be treated as respectable..The thing is, although such antics are funny in a way, they’re also menacing.