Thursday, September 06, 2012

Romney's Tax Records Hacked in Franklin, Tennessee? Hackers Demand $1 Million in Bitcoins

Oh lord. More scandal in Tennessee.

The alleged hackers say they will release Romney's secret tax records to the media on Sept. 28, unless Republicans cough up $1 million in the hard-to-trace Bitcoins.

The Secret Service is on the case.

New York Magazine: Hackers Claim Elaborate Heist of Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns, Want $1 Million Gawker: Hackers Claim to Possess Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns, Threaten to Release Them Unless Million-Dollar Ransom Is Paid [UPDATE]
Tennessean: Romney tax return claim made in package left at Williamson GOP office
ABC News: Secret Service Investigating Purported Ransom of Mitt Romney's Tax Returns
Politico: Feds look into alleged theft of Mitt Romney tax returns  

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