Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why Does 'Post-Truth Romney' Hate White Women On Welfare?

Mittens Romney continues to do his damnedest to revive the malicious racist and misogynistic anti-welfare hate fest of the 1990s.

Telling lies about women and lies about Obama's welfare policy in ads and speeches is the GOP Post-Truth effort to play the Welfare Queen Myth Card of old and thereby energize Mitt's base, aka delusional white folks.

Most folks on welfare are women with children. They are white women and they live in the suburbs and rural areas. Of course, white suburban and rural women are the only women who ever vote for the dark side. If he keeps it up, Post-Truth Romney may well put an end to that nasty practice. 

The filthy rich president wannabe is definitely energizing somebody's base.  It ain't his. 

An inconvenient truth for Mitt Romney: You cannot win without women and unless their name is Ann Romney, women simply do not like Post-Truth Romney.

Romney can cry 'Black Welfare Queen' all he wants. The fact is: there aren't enough racist or delusional white people in this damn country to elect his lying ass.

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