Sunday, March 11, 2012

Men Would Need Therapist OK to Get Viagra in Sen. Nina Turner's Bill

At last, a bill proposing equality for men:

“The men in our lives, including members of the General Assembly, generously devote time to fundamental female reproductive issues—the least we can do is return the favor,” Senator Turner said. “It is crucial that we take the appropriate steps to shelter vulnerable men from the potential side effects of these drugs.”

There is a rash of similar bills across the country. It's about protecting the men:

“When a man makes a crucial decision about his health and his body, he should be fully aware of the alternative options and the lifetime repercussions of that decision,” Senator Turner said today. Men will be more easily guided through the process of obtaining treatment for impotence so they can better understand and more effectively address their condition.

Senate Bill 307 protects men by requiring the following prior to receiving a prescription to treatment for erectile dysfunction:

a signed affadavit from at least one sex partner confirming the man has indeed experienced the symptoms of impotence in the past 90 days
a psychological screening to ensure the condition is, in fact, medical in nature
ongoing cardiac stress tests and outpatient counseling about potential side effects
information from the prescribing physician about risks, complications as well as non-medical options including counseling and celibacy
copy of medical rationale for treatment filed in patient’s medical record

Ohio Bill Would Require Men Submit Affidavit From Sex Partner Confirming Impotence Before Receiving Viagra

Regulating Men’s Reproductive Health Choices
Ohio Bill Would Require Signed Affidavits From Partners Before Men Could Get Viagra

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