Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Liberal Misogynist (Maher) Defends Right-Wing Misogynist (Limbaugh)

In case anyone doubted how clueless Maher is about his own deep misogyny:

Last night on Twitter, Bill Maher defended Rush Limbaugh and attacked liberals for not accepting Limbaugh’s apology after he spent three days relentlessly attacking law student Sandra Fluke. . Notably, Limbaugh only apologized for “two words,” after attacking Fluke dozens of times...

Maher comes to the debate with his own baggage. Last March, he used an offensive sexist epithet to describe Sarah Palin. He’s also called Rep. Michele Bachmann and Palin “bimbos.”

Recently, Maher defended his sexist comments, stating “I sometimes called Sarah Palin a bad name. I don’t have sponsors, I’m on HBO.”

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