Friday, February 17, 2012

Modern Family Creator, Star: "Thanks for the Shout-Out, Backwards Tennessee Lawmakers"

The tweets pictured here are in response to idiot lawmaker Rep. Joey Hensley's warning to parents that kids who watch the award-winning "Modern Family" might be smart enough to figure out that gay people actually exist. Joey Hensley thinks the kids in this state are as ignorant as he so obviously is.

Once again, the state of Tennessee is embarrassed because the worst among us are leading the state (into the toilet).

Joey Hensley scored bonus points by admonishing all Tennessee parents not to let their children watch “Modern Family” on television because they might discover there are homosexuals in the world. . I don’t think 'Modern Family’ is appropriate for children to watch,” Hensley said solemnly after a Nashville preacher testified children might find out about gay people by seeing the show even if teachers aren’t allowed to say gay in schools.

via Nashville Scene

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