Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Misogyny Politics of 2011

Name It Change It offers some highlights of the misogyny of U.S. politics in 2011 and no highlight is brighter than misogynist Bill Maher:

As we said at the time: “When female politicians [or women in power] are constantly reduced to sexual objects, it strikes a blow against all women in positions of power and deters other women from seeking public office…. We’re not laughing.”

Combining both sexualization and repugnance, in March Bill Maher felt it was perfectly fine to call Sarah Palin a “dumb twat” and said she and Michele Bachmann would split the “MILF” vote. Later in the year Maher essentially excused himself from charges of misogyny because he doesn’t think Palin is representing women, so anything he says about her as a woman isn’t sexist. Really, Bill? Because the more acceptable you make unacceptable terms, the more likely such terms will be used on other women politicians—even some of the ones you like.

You can criticize women politicians all you want (even make jokes at their expense!) but Name It. Change It. thinks it's not too much to ask that it not be seeped it in misogyny.

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