Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chris Christie: 'Cry Me a River!' Obama 'Frittered Away' 2 Years with Democratic Congress (Video)

On MSNBC's Morning Joe: He has no idea how to use executive power. To stand up and udder (sic) his name in the same breath as Teddy Roosevelt? Are you kidding? And for him to sit there and say some of the things … that he said, it’s time for us to step up... Step up our game… it’s time to meet the moment? Well you know what Mr. President… We have been waiting for you to meet the moment for 3 years! So meet the moment!. . .

[T]he President had a democratic congress for the first two years and he frittered it away. He frittered it away… And then all the sudden now he is complaining his Presidency is not a success because he has had a year, a year, of Republicans? ..I mean cry me a river already… lead …and do your job!

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