Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Can't A Frat-Boy Nation Take Care Of Kids?

America's failing education system is just another symptom of a frat-boy nation that puts its money where its frat-boy mind is. If we moved kids out of the falling-apart, trailer-filled parking lot, ugly warehouses that pass for schools and moved them into our sweet shiny football stadiums and paid teachers what football players make, kids would get the novel, life-changing idea that they matter.

If kids mattered in patriarchy, men would take care of them.

Why Can't American Students Compete?:

Massachusetts, the only U.S. state with a majority of students (51 percent) above the proficiency mark, trails well behind students in South Korea and Finland, as well as those in top-performing Shanghai.

The percentage proficient in the state of New York (30 percent) is equivalent to that achieved by students in debt-ridden Portugal and Spain. California, the home of highly skilled Silicon Valley, has a math proficiency rate of 24 percent, the same as bankrupt Greece and just a notch above struggling Russia. By the time we get down to New Mexico and Mississippi, we are making comparisons with Serbia and Bulgaria.

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