Friday, June 17, 2011

Russ Feingold: The Democratic Party Is In Danger of Losing Its Soul

Russ Feingold and some 2500 other progressives at Netroots Nation (Facebook) are expressing some well-deserved righteous anger with the very non progressive Democratic Party and its center-rightist leader Barack Obama:

“I fear that the Democratic Party is in danger of losing its identity,” Feingold said in his keynote address to a crowd of around 2,400 progressive activists and bloggers here at the Minneapolis Convention Center, the most ever for the event. .

“I think it’s a mistake for us to take the argument that they like to make that, ‘Well, what we’re going to do now is, we’re going to take the corporate money like the Republicans do and then after we win, we’ll change it.’ When’s the last time anyone did that? Most people don’t change the rules after they win by them. It doesn’t usually happen. It never happens,” Feingold said. “You know what? I think we’ll lose anyway if we do this. We’ll lose our soul when it comes to the issue of corporate domination. People will see us as weak. People will see us as corporate-lite.
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