Monday, May 09, 2011

Tennessee Taliban (Senate) to Vote on 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Tonight (Video)

Update: 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Vote Delayed Until Wednesday

Tennessee lawmakers will vote tonight in the Senate on the infamous Don't Say Gay bill. The Don't Say Gay bill (SB049) has made international news with its shockingly Talibanesque agenda of state mandated censorship and homophobia. How to deal with bigoted bullies when they are your lawmakers?

The bill's sponsor is Stacey Campfield who has long been regarded as a starved-for-attention and deeply ignorant jokester among Tennessee's literate population. (Listen to the jokester in the video clip below.) Senator Campfield has authored many similar legislative wonders such as the Death Certificates for Abortions bill.

As its name suggests, the bigoted Tennessee lawmaker's bill would forbid teachers from uttering the word 'gay' and/or discussing homosexuality in kindergarten through eighth-grade classrooms. If passed the law would promote depression and suicide among gay students.

What next?

Laws forbidding teachers from uttering the phrase "ignorant and bigoted Tennessee lawmakers."

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