Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scary News Out of Gun-Happy Texas

There's a reason they call us the cowboy nation:

Frat Boys and Politicians Win on Texas Senate 'Gun Day'Yesterday was a big day for armed vigilantes in Texas. The state Senate first passed a bill that will allow "legislators, statewide elected officials, some former legislators and some state employees to carry their concealed weapons into churches, hospitals, bars, sporting events — even if a sign is posted saying weapons are prohibited." Do you foresee any problems arising from that?

And, as a nice little add-on to a higher education funding amendment, the Senate also voted in favor of that incredibly stupid bill that would allow college kids to carry concealed handguns on campus across the state. That bill now goes to the House, where it is said to have enough support to pass. Straight-shootin' Governor Rick Perry will then lick his lips, strap on his shit kickers, fire off a few rounds, and sign the bill into law.

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